Macbeth's Release


Our 100% green-screen feature-length adaptation of Macbeth is released in UK cinemas on 13th March 2018. There's a detailed description of why and how we made it here. What follows represents my more personal intention behind it and future films.

I want to make films that reignite the imaginative participation of the audience, films that celebrate theatricality, make-believe, and thrive on the viewers' co-creation of what unfolds.
There has, I feel, been a gradual shift away from our ancestral heritage – the telling of stories around the camp fire, a shared enchantment in the dark that brings to life a diversity of inner visions. We seem to be in danger of confining the role of the audience to that of spectator – or consumer.
It's as if the 21st century world mistrusts the power of the interior, human imagination. Perhaps that’s because market forces can’t monetise individual creative thought; perhaps globalisation  engenders homogeneity; and perhaps the ubiquity of the camera tends to privilege material reality ‘out there’ over the more significant – though far less marketable – imaginative life ‘in here’. 
I believe there’s an opportunity to present a new type of experience on film, one that reconnects with the origins of our storytelling arts and treats the audience as active participants in the creative endeavour.